Hormone Yoga Class

Hormone Yoga, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Menopause, FertilityThis dynamic sequence of stretching, breathing, deep relaxation and meditations  was created and taught by Dinah Rodriguez, a 86 year old Brazilian yoga teacher and shining example of her teaching’s effectiveness.

Esther is one of only three Hormone Yoga teachers in Ireland trained by Dinah Rodriguez.

If a woman suffers from symptoms like PMS, infertility problems, mood swings, menstrual cramps, polycystic ovary syndrome, heavy/ irregular menstrual bleeding, low energy, sleep disturbances, memory loss, breast tenderness or fibroids, her hormonal balance is most likely out of sync.

Learning about this proven hormone balancing yoga sequence is easy, suitable for total beginners of yoga, and a gentle way to recovery.

Esther teaches Hormone Yoga classes and workshops at various locations in Ireland. They are an entertaining blend of practical exercises combined with theory about hormones and their impact on a woman’s life.

Hormone Yoga 8-week class – Partry Register

8 week Red Tent Hormone Yoga class for women in Partry, Community Hall

Starting Tuesday, September 10th, from 7:30-  9pm

Fee is €80/ 8 weeks, payable on the first evening in full.

Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket, a pillow and a bottle of water.Grandparent and daughter

Suitable for beginners and women of all ages

If you experience financial difficulties and think you could not afford this workshop, you may email to info@redtent.ie to apply for a working ticket.


September 10, 2013First Class
Location Partry, Community Hall
Ballynanerroon More
Partry County Mayo

Hosted By Red Tent Ireland

Esther Moser